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Our teachers are all certified by EEC. We require that all of our staff is CPR & First Aid trained, even the assistants. Our teachers get at least 20 hours of training in early childhood to keep up on the ever-changing field.

The diversity and longevity of our teaching team is a source of pride, the turnover rate remains extremely low.Teacher and Children

Young children learn through interaction with their environment and with the people around them. They use their bodies, their senses, their feelings and their minds to explore their internal and external worlds. This exploration is most successful in a safe and predictable environment. It is the task of early childhood teachers to use their knowledge of the sequence and scope of normal development to provide opportunities for discovery and invention.

The teacher also models respect for individuals and for the unique contributions each person makes to the life of the group. We believe it is important to be non-judgmental in our work with children, respectful of their feelings and choices, and of their efforts and skills. Our respect is shown by providing a safe and predictable setting where children may express themselves, and by providing a challenging and stimulating world for them to explore.


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